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Busy Beaver Software enables progressive businesses to grow and gain competitive advantage, through the hassle-free delivery of reliable, custom-made solutions.

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You dream it; we build it

Whatever your product vision, our engineers possess the stack fluency and platform knowledge to bring it to life. Flexibility and innovation allow us to create the best solution to fit your needs. Our developers have been in the market for many years and always aim to help businesses implement solutions suited to even the most unusual or unique requests.

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Native, hybrid or cross-platform - our desktop apps leverage the latest features and functionality. We develop new solutions for all major platforms, and we also modernise existing software. See our case studies to learn more.

Our stack includes, among many others, such technologies as QT5 wxWidgets OpenGL GTK+ WinAPI Cocoa Electron.

We're in the business of making video games so we're used to working with high-performant 2D and 3D graphic applications and know technologies that speed up the development process.

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Years of experience in the image processing field, 3D graphics, CAD and DRM-related matters allows us to design solutions rapidly with performance and security in mind. We use this experience to offer you our guidance in all stages of project development.

In the situation of existing C/C++ codebases, we offer code audit services. The audit scope includes evaluating code quality and architectural integrity, looking for security vulnerabilities, confirming that software is written according to common standards and that it does its job well.

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Our mobile solutions are up to the task starting from simple additions to desktop applications to fully independent and standalone products. We develop solutions for all major platforms - native, hybrid or cross-platform.

Our stack includes, among many others, such technologies as Android NDK wxWidgets OpenGL GTK+ WinAPI Phaser Cordova.

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Whatever you need – a high-performing secure web application or a simple one-page business card website - our experts will deliver a solution that meets your expectations.

Our stack includes, among many others, such technologies as Django Flask Grav node.js vue.JS React.

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Case study: Scan2CAD

Avia Systems contracted us to modernise their main product, a desktop application called Scan2CAD. We helped them transition from version v9 to v10, which included recreating the full functionality (and adding some new features) using modern tools while maintaining the high-performance character of the application and adding cross-platform support (Windows, macOS). We did that with C++14 wxWidgets OpenCV Tesseract and many other tools.

We also developed other services for Avia Systems, including an online raster to vector converter, a proprietary DRM system for desktop applications with an online service integrated with the sales platform, and an online service that handles crash reports and user support requests.

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Case study: Microtaur

Some members of our team founded an Indie game company a couple of years ago. That gave us 3D graphics and high-performant real-time rendering expertise. We're proficient in creating good-looking 3D environments using in-house developed resources and utilising technologies widely used in the industry: Unity UE4 Godot Blender Substance Painter.

Check out Microtaur's website to learn more.

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